Saturday, July 08, 2006

July 2006

Ben is starting to take a few steps . We weren't sure he would ever walk. I will try to add picture's of this if i can get him to do it for the camera. He is now 17 months old still only 16.8 lbs. but making progress. Keep him in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Karen, this is such a beautiful website. Ben's story is amazing and he looks like such a happy little boy. You can tell he is just showered with love. I can see what a special miracle he is and I'm honored that you shared this website with me. -- Stephanie, OT

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen!
I kept this link so I could check in on little Ben, from time to time! It's amazing to look all the way back to when he was born and see what a little man he is growing up to be! Good grief......first steps???? How exciting for you all! I know you must love him terribly and it is quite apparent, by reading your story on Ben's link! What a special tribute to his fight to live this life! One day, it will be great that he can read his life story and will always know how much you have loved him! Wonderful things can come out in difficult times!

Anonymous said...

He looks like such a big boy standing. Hopefully, ya'll can also get him on video walking.