Saturday, June 10, 2006

March 2006 His first trip to the zoo

Ben's first birthday Feb 6,2006

Pictures from his first birthday

#1 . Having his cake and eating it too

#2 With nemo blanket from gammy

#3 With paw paw Bayard

#4 Making a wish

# 5 With maw maw Sheryl

Friday, June 09, 2006

Airflight back to PICU in New Orleans 1/25/2006 with pneumonia

It all started with a cough, then he wasn't acting like himself. Britt reads him pretty well and she took him in to the ER at Woman's and children's Hospital. He was admitted to the PICU. The next day they were worried about his breathing and his history so the Dr. Decided to airflight him back to Oshner's in New Orleans. Britt wasn't allowed on the flight . So we stood in the parking lot crying and watched the helicopter evac him .It was like opening up old wounds. To have to let him go. I drove Britt up to be with him and she stayed with him. Because I had to get back to work. These pictures were taken by my cousin Susan while he was there. He was released after a short stay. Note he was back on oxygen, his respirations are 80 to 100/min when he is distressed.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

The week of Thanksgiving Ben had a tubefeeding placed.

He gets bolus feedings during the day and runs on a machine at night.

Ben in bath October 2005

This is at 10 months old with the monster costume he looked normal size but at ten months old and only 10 lbs he was way off the growth chart. You can tell how small he was in this picture. We were finally able to get the Dr. to agree it was time for a tube feeding. He only eats small tastes of food by mouth. And would have nothing to do with a bottle. Britt was so tired from feeding him every 2 hours she just couldn't go anymore. But she had given him 8 months of breast feeding this was a miracle after all he had been through. Most nurses and Dr's didnt think he would leave the hospital the first time without a tube feeding.

Ben's first Halloween 2005

Ben with his brace. 10/10/2005-

I don't think it ended up being 3 months. It was off before Christmas.

Ben just before his spinal fusion and before d/c from hospital after surgery

The top picture was taken by my camera phone in preop. The other is in his hospital room. Oschner's in New Orleans.
Ben's scholiosis was severe he will more than likely need more surgery's . He will wear this Brace for 3 months. It was heartbreaking when the man came to fit the brace. Ben screamed so much. He doesn't like anything close to his face. I quess that is because of all of the things taped on him for so long. But after a few weeks he was better only cried when it was being put on.