Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Birth of Benjamin FEB 6th 2005

Only two pictures were snapped before I knew something was terribly wrong. He wasn't crying or breathing ,the Dr. Quickly cut the cord and called code blue nurses had the ambu bag ready before the Dr. Set him on the little table. I heard myself gasp. I started to pray God please " No we can't lose him " . We had waited so long and this baby had changed Britt so much. You can't take him now . How will she survive. They whisked him away for what seemed like an eternity. Almost an hour later they were still using an ambu bag on him waiting for someone else cause the staff onsite couldn't intubate him. Finally the Dr was able to get him on the ventilator. We were told they would be transferring him to woman's and children's hospital. Britt sat heartbroken they told her they would bring him by before they left so she could see him.


V said...

I love the pics and the caption. When are you going to add the rest? I know you have great pics of his entire journey, I am anxious to see them....V

Anonymous said...

I know Britt from her time in the Army. I am so glad that you have this site up. I love to hear that little Benny is doing better. God Bless you all!

~Rebecca Ashby

Anonymous said...

WOW..that is all i can glad he survived..he is an awesum kid..he looked like he was doin REALLY good at the family reunion..Lindsey Duplantis