Friday, June 09, 2006

Airflight back to PICU in New Orleans 1/25/2006 with pneumonia

It all started with a cough, then he wasn't acting like himself. Britt reads him pretty well and she took him in to the ER at Woman's and children's Hospital. He was admitted to the PICU. The next day they were worried about his breathing and his history so the Dr. Decided to airflight him back to Oshner's in New Orleans. Britt wasn't allowed on the flight . So we stood in the parking lot crying and watched the helicopter evac him .It was like opening up old wounds. To have to let him go. I drove Britt up to be with him and she stayed with him. Because I had to get back to work. These pictures were taken by my cousin Susan while he was there. He was released after a short stay. Note he was back on oxygen, his respirations are 80 to 100/min when he is distressed.

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