Saturday, June 03, 2006

Day 3 Oschner's FEB 9th

Later that day I was supposed to leave, but that was impossible . Britt's dad and myself chose to stay with Britt. We were extremely blessed to both have spouses that didn't mind us staying with Britt. She needed both of us to be with her. Rick and Sheryl left together to handle things at home with the rest of our families. They returned together to meet us for the weekend.
People would ask if they were crazy to leave us there together. And both of them would answer " This is not about us this is about Britt and Ben there needs are what matters" .
I have eternal gratitude and respect for Butch's wife Sheryl for the way she handled this whole situation. I think this made her a part of our family. We truly bonded in this time through laughs and tears. Hard to believe , but at the hardest times the funniest things would happen and we still could laugh.

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