Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mardi Gras Day Ben goes to New Orleans FEB 8th

After Britt signed the paperwork he was airflighted to Oschner's Hospital in New Orleans. ( We would later meet an older couple that saw the flight land and remembered cause it was on Mardi Gras they joined in prayer when they noticed it was a baby that had arrived). We received the call that he made the flight . My cousin Susan went to see about him cause we wernt able to leave til the next morning.
The next morning we arrived and were explained that he was on ECHMO which is a heart lung machine and he would need this for more than a week . It is a very serious procedure that is only used if nothing else can be done. At 4pm we got a call from the Dr. They needed to speak to us. He had a bleed on his brain and had to come off the machine after only 18 hours. There was nothing else to do .
We asked to have him baptized before they removed him from the machine. We all stood around the only photo of him on ECHMO (will be added later it is one taken by the social worker) we were in no condition to take pictures. Tear's flowed as we all held each other again trying to prepare to lose him. It was like being on a roller coaster we had started the day with such high hopes now this. My stomach was sick i felt like i would never eat agian.

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